Maintaining your home’s landscaping can be an unexpected challenge. That’s why the residential landscaping experts at Greathouse want to share our expertise and provide tips that can help you properly maintain your outdoor space.

In this edition of Ask the Experts, we’re talking about landscape beds.

What Are Landscape Beds?

These are the areas in your landscaping where plants and shrubs are separated from the turf. By including them in a home’s landscape design, they can bring a variety of colors and textures to your outdoor space.

They can also vary in shape and size depending on their primary usage. For example, a smaller bed in a front yard can include colorful flowers and shorter shrubs (like boxwoods) while larger beds in a backyard can feature taller shrubs to act as a privacy barrier.

Why is Maintenance Important?

One of the biggest differences between attractive landscaping and so-so landscaping is the definition between beds and your turf space. They give lawns a more finished and aesthetically pleasing look by creating a physical barrier between the two areas. Plus, doing a bit of landscape maintenance can prevent any weeds from crossing over.

Are They Difficult to Maintain? 

Not at all! They just need a routine check-up to make sure they’re looking their best. Our crews recommend using a simple shovel-cut edge. From there, all you need to do is: 

  1. Cut into the bed by pressing in with a shovel
  2. Follow a clean consistent line around the bed
  3. Remove any extra layers of sod

Doing this at least once or twice a year can keep those gorgeous bed definitions. Remember that landscapes with larger beds will require more attention and care than smaller beds.

If you’re not sure how to go about maintaining your landscape, that’s okay! Our team of residential landscaping experts is happy to help you and answer any questions you might have.

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