Fall is an important time for successful landscaping in Middle Tennessee – and that’s not just for your home. Commercial properties should keep up with their landscaping and capitalize on the benefits that fall brings to make their space look clean and welcoming.

Improve Your Turf

With cooler temperatures, fall is the best time to work on improving the look of your property’s green areas. This includes:

  • weeding
  • aeration
  • seeding
  • fertilizing

Because so many commercial areas are largely concrete and cold, a well-maintenanced turf can create a professional and inviting space.

This is also the time to give your turf a rest from the mower. You’ll notice that our guys are leaving your grassy areas a little longer to encourage deep root growth that will last all winter. This, in turn, will set your grass up for success in the spring.

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Seasonal Cleanup and Color Installation

Greathouse maintenance clients reap the benefits of seasonal cleanups and color installations. Fall can bring some life back to your property with the addition of seasonal color. Some properties let their landscaping fall to the wayside for the upcoming cooler months, but it’s important to keep up the outdoor professional aesthetic to your business.

Some great options for cool-weather plants are mums and pansies. These come in many cheerful colors and provide the perfect traditional look and immediate color for your commercial fall landscaping.

Planting Trees

Fall is the perfect time to install new trees, as the season helps avoid heat stress and lessens the chance of disease. Trees can dramatically improve the look and feel of commercial spaces and spruce up a sea of concrete and asphalt, if grass area is limited.

Seasonal Decorating

While it may not be appropriate to display your ghouls and goblins, natural elements can really add to the seasonal ambiance of a commercial area. Consider hay bales, corn stalks, and uncarved pumpkins and gourds to give your space the perfect festive touch.