This summer has been a scorcher in Middle Tennessee. During a season when many want to enjoy their lawn the most, it’s almost unbearable to do so. Here are some ways that you can enjoy your lawn in the dead heat of summer.

Keep It Green

There’s nothing worse than looking out over a dead, burned up lawn. Keep your watering and mowing schedules in check to ensure that your lawn stays in top shape.


Watering in the summer can be tricky. Pop up showers and storms can make you feel like you can push the hose to the wayside, but don’t check out so quickly. Often summer showers can be short-lived, meaning your lawn isn’t getting adequate water, even when it does rain. Our recommendation for your Nashville lawn is an irrigation system with a water sensor. This piece of equipment allows your lawn to be watered as needed but shuts off during rain so that no water is wasted.

Further, it is important to water in the early morning, before the harsh heat has a chance to cause the water to evaporate. By watering in the morning, you can ensure that the water will soak down to your roots where the grass desperately needs the moisture. Watering in the evening is not recommended, as the standing excess moisture overnight is a harboring ground for fungus and disease.


Mowing properly is a critical part of keeping your lawn healthy in the summer. Allow your lawn to grow a little longer than normal to reduce stress. Setting your mower blade a little higher will achieve this easily and avoid burning your grass. It is recommended to mow twice a week, unless persistent hot and dry weather occurs. Cutting your grass too short or too often during these periods can quickly destroy your beautiful lawn.

Consider Hardscapes

To enjoy your lawn doesn’t always have to mean being in your lawn. Clients who have a pleasant deck, patio, or sunroom in which to lounge enjoy their outdoor areas exponentially more than those who don’t. If you don’t already have an area to enjoy your yard during the heat of summer, consider installing one of these features.

Install the Features You Want

It seems common sense, but you’ll enjoy your outdoor space much more if it’s exactly like you want it. Many don’t hesitate to invest on the interior of their home, but the outdoor space gives them pause. This is a faulty mindset for several reasons. One, your outdoor space is an extension of your home. You paid for that space, so make it YOURS! Another reason, investing in outdoor features can actually add value to your home! Don’t put off creating a lawn and outdoor space that you want because you’ll get so much more use out of it when you love it.

At Greathouse, we believe your outdoor space and lawn should feel like an extension of your home. Allow us to create the perfect magical space for you so that you can enjoy your lawn in the heat of summer and all year long!