First impressions matter, especially when it comes to real estate and the curb appeal of your property. While interior design and decor can go in and out of style, proper landscaping of a home can last for years, growing and maturing over time to create a lovely space.

Does landscaping increase property value? The answer is a resounding yes! Landscape economists have said that good landscaping can add up to 28% to the overall value of a home.

If you’re ready to boost your property value, here are a few suggestions on how to make it happen:

Maintain Your Lawn

Start with the basics. A well-maintainted lawn can say a lot about a home. If people see that the exterior is being cared for, they’re more likely to believe the interior is taken care of with the same respect.

A few simple ways to maintin your lawn and give it some TLC include:

  • Watering your lawn regularly
  • Mowing your grass
  • Fertilizing, aerating, and over seeding
  • Keeping your yard free of invasive weeds

Plant Trees

You can’t go wrong with trees. They provide plenty of natural benefits and they just have a way of making a house look like a home.

A yard with plenty of trees can provide ample shade coverage, perfect for the hot Nashville summers when you want to spend time outside without burning up. Proper coverage can also help lower the cooling costs of a home.

Trees help reduce noise and increase privacy, too, perfect for creating a peaceful haven in the middle of city life.

Plan Out Garden Designs

Flowers, shrubs, and pathways—oh my! A drawn out, cohesive design in your front yard is key, and a disorganized design can turn people away. Flower beds can add color to your yard. They can take otherwise plain spots (driveways and walkways leading up to your home) and turn them into beautiful areas.

Mature plants will add value to your garden, as they tell potential buyers that the homeowner tends to the exterior. While perennials might cost a bit more than other flowers, they will usually grow larger and spread throughout the seasons.

Even if you’re not looking to put your home on the market any time soon, investing in proper lawn care now can have a significant ROI when it’s time to sell. Plus, your lawn will look fantastic!

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