As we head into the summer months, heat and humidity are both on the rise as usual. The unfortunate reality is we’ve not yet seen the full effect of summer, where the days are long, the sun is hot, and rainy days are sparse.

While we often associate summer with relaxation, outdoor activities, and family vacations, it’s also one of the most critical times for landscape maintenance. Our hot and humid summer season means your home’s landscaping requires extra care to stay beautiful.

Caring for Plants and Grass

Flowers and other shrubbery require special care in the summer if you want attractive landscaping that enhances your home’s curb appeal. We recommend adding heat-tolerant and drought-tolerant plants to your landscaping so they don’t feel the pain of a hot Nashville summer. They’re low-maintenance, add eye-catching color and beauty, and conserve water better than most other plants.

We’d also recommend maintaining the grassy areas of your yard, which includes:

  • Checking the pH of your soil to ensure your grass is healthy
  • Aerating your lawn to improve oxygen flow
  • Fertilizing so your lawn has the right nutrients to survive the harsh heat of summer


Every homeowner’s lawn looks different. However, one thing every Nashville lawn has in common is they need to be watered. And the biggest challenge with residential landscape maintenance in Nashville is keeping everything lush and green during the summer months.

To properly care for your lawn and plants in the summer (and year-round), our experts recommend checking your lawn’s irrigation systems about once a week to see if everything is working properly and make sure there aren’t any unexpected leaks that need to be fixed. Water more infrequently with a deeper soak so water can get to the root of the plant or grass before it evaporates in the heat. Watering deeply will encourage deeper and stronger root growth, making grass and plants more resistant to the effects of drought.

Installing Hardscapes

If you’ve been longing for a deck, patio, fountain, or fireplace to enjoy your outdoor areas more, summer is a wonderful time to have them installed. Unlike plants, hardscapes aren’t affected by the heat. You’ll be able to enjoy the spaces instantly, improve the value of your home, and give your yard a unique look and feel all at once.

Maintaining your landscaping is challenging, especially in a season where it’s tempting to spend every day indoors in the refreshingly cool A/C. That’s where our team of landscaping maintenance experts can help! We can answer any additional questions you might have and discuss our residential maintenance services with you more in-depth.

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