Whether you have small children of your own or grandchildren who visit often, you may be like many of our clients who ask how they can make their landscaping “child-friendly.” Here are the top 3 ideas we always suggest when trying to create a landscape with children in mind. 

Enclosed Play Area

In order to create a distinction between a play area and the rest of the landscape design, we suggest enclosing the play area entirely. You can do this by using low stone walls or beautiful wood or iron fencing that are pleasing to the rest of the design. This boundary can also help keep toys, such as balls within the play area.

Raised Patio

A raised patio or deck is the perfect solution for child supervision. A place where children can play in full view of the adults while they relax or socialize can go a long way to maintain balance in your landscape design. It also allows the kids to be kids, while the watchful parent stays out of the way, yet close enough to be alerted when needed.

Waterfall Feature

Flowing water will always capture a child’s imagination. It can serve as entertainment to a child, while providing relaxation and peace to any landscape. Of course, all children should be supervised around any water feature, but it does remain to be an excellent addition to your back yard landscape.

Let us know if The Greathouse Landscaping team can help you find the perfect balance between a beautiful landscape while still maintaining a child-friendly environment.