As we noted back in 2017, more Nashville homeowners are calling upon Nashville landscape services to create beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces. Perhaps inspired by the ambiance of popular outdoor dining options and rooftop bars or maybe just wanting to spend more time in the great outdoors, homeowners continue to dream up ways to bring the beauty and function of their interior spaces to their outdoor spaces.

Since the outdoor living trend is here to stay, we’ve compiled these tips to help you plan your dream outdoor living space with the help of The Greathouse Company, a Nashville landscaping service.

Tip 1: Let your imagination run wild.

The first step in creating a dream outdoor living space is to dream big! Let your imagination run wild with ideas for your outdoor space. Spend some time sitting or walking through your current space and ask yourself what you would want in the area if you could have anything at all. Create a list of your ideas. Then spend some time indoors, gazing through the windows to the outdoors space. When viewing the outdoor living space from the inside, what do you want to see? Make a note of your ideas on the same list.

Tip 2: Consider your lifestyle.

Now that you have a list with some great ideas think about your lifestyle and how you envision spending your time in your new outdoor living space. Are you a social butterfly who loves hosting dinner parties and weekend barbecues? Do you have a large family who loves to gather at your house?

If you envision hosting large get-togethers with family and friends, consider creating an outdoor kitchen so you can cook and socialize at the same time. (And keep all the mess contained outside instead of indoors!) Outdoor kitchens can be a significant investment initially, but they typically offer a return on your investment of 100-200 percent! Plus, Middle Tennessee is a great climate for utilizing an outdoor kitchen.

Creating child-safe spaces is also an important consideration if your home is the gathering point for friends and family. We recommend designing a fully enclosed play area for children to keep them safe while also keeping outdoor toys within the play area too. The area can be enclosed with attractive low stone walls or decorative fencing to add style and function. Here are some more family-friendly landscape features for you to consider.

If your lifestyle trends toward peaceful evenings spent with a glass of wine or quiet morning yoga, consider ideas that promote tranquility like water features, fire tables, and fragrant plants. Cozy hammocks are also an excellent option for homeowners who love to lounge.

Tip 3: Consult a Nashville outdoor living company.

At this point, you have some great ideas, but you need direction and help to make those ideas come to life. That is where we come in. Our approach is to be your partner. We take the time to listen to your ideas, and then we work together to make your dream outdoor living space come true. We’ll help you understand the feasibility of your ideas based on the constraints of the space, the costs associated with your plans, and the maintenance and upkeep that the new outdoor living space will require. Because we are a professional, full-service Nashville landscape service, we’re also experts at knowing which plants thrive in Nashville’s climate, and will help you choose plants to enhance the ambiance of your space.

Tip 4: Don’t forget the details.

When designing outdoor living spaces, the goal is to create a beautiful space to spend time outdoors while enjoying the comfort and function of the indoors. The key to creating these comfortable, inviting spaces is in the details. Remember to include fans to circulate warm air and keep mosquitos at bay and consider adding a pergola, draperies, or awnings to filter the harsh midday sunlight. And of course, cozy seating is a must! We’re partial to dreamy sofa swings with plenty of colorful cushions, but there are many other stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture options to choose from. What about lighting, rugs, accent tiles, outdoor television sets, or surround sound? We can help you consider all these things to create a truly perfect outdoor space with no detail forgotten.

Nashville outdoor living isn’t going anywhere soon. It expands the useful space of your home without having to add square footage and increases the value of your home. We hope these tips are helpful as you plan your dream outdoor living space and don’t worry, there’s still time to get started on your Nashville outdoor living design this summer! 

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