Nashville commercial properties are a huge part of our client base at Greathouse. These locations need special care and attention, different from residential properties.

Any landscape company will tell you that spring is a vital time to ALL properties, but here are some things to which commercial spaces should pay specific attention.

Check for Winter Damage

As both an aesthetic and safety rule, check for anything that Mother Nature could have harmed in the colder months. Frigid temperatures, snow, and ice are notorious for damaging property. Note things such as:

  • Parking lot and sidewalk cracks
  • Damage to gutters and drainage pipes
  • Irrigation line and exterior hose damage
  • Roofing damage

These things are not only unsightly, they can cause a huge liability risk for a commercial property. Make sure that your patrons are safe AND you’re making a good impression by fixing these items early in the season.

Clean Out the Landscaping

It’s no secret that the living parts of your property take the worst of the beating from winter weather. Snow and ice are heavy, sometimes causing extensive damage to trees and shrubs.

BEWARE: Cracks and other damage to trees can be a dangerous situation. Commercial property owners will want to remedy any structurally unsound trees before strong spring storms blow through.

Furthermore, the plows that cleared any snow and ice probably didn’t give much thought to your surrounding vegetation (unless, of course, you’re a Greathouse client). Give your green space and mulch beds a little TLC.

Lastly, any leaves or debris that has accumulated should be removed promptly. These moist areas are a prime growing ground for mold and fungus. They can also clog gutters and damage awnings.

Re-Vamp Your Building’s Look

To us, this is the most exciting part of spring. Sprucing up your spring landscaping makes a great impression on tenants and patrons. Greathouse Landscape always looks forward to adding spring colors and shrubs to our maintenance client to give their property the beautiful boost it deserves.

We work with our commercial property clients to ensure that their Nashville business is in tip-top shape each season. Don’t delay to put your company on a consistent maintenance schedule that will benefit the property all year long.