It’s been a scorcher these past weeks in Middle Tennessee. The dead of summer is often when landscaping and lawn care priorities fall to the wayside as families relax and vacation. Here are some tips to make the most of your summer landscaping or even add to your current landscaping:

Drought-tolerant plants

It’s HOT in Middle Tennessee and your plants are feeling the pain. Drought-tolerant plants are all the rage; they’re low-maintenance and conserve water. However, you can’t just plant it and forget it. Keep their soil moist until the plant takes off on its own.

Water deeply

Water more infrequently with a deeper soak so that the water penetrates to the root of the plant or grass before it evaporates in the hot summer sun. A deeper water will encourage deeper and stronger root growth, making grass and plants more resistant to the effects of drought.  


Fortunately, hardscapes aren’t affected by the sweltering sun, so summer is a great time to have them installed! Unlike planting, clients can see instant gratification with a hardscape. Furthermore, hardscapes range from fireplaces to fountains, and can give your lawn a totally unique feel AND add value to your home.

Greathouse can help with these aspects of your lawn and more. If you’re wondering what you can do to your lawn in this intense heat, give us a call.