The cooler temperatures, fallen leaves, and shorter days of sunlight can only mean one thing: Fall has arrived in Nashville! While there are plenty of things in the world out of your control right now, cleaning up your yard is certainly one thing you can control.

Doing yard cleanup in the fall helps to promote a healthy lawn. Here are a few items to check off your to-do list before the first frost:

Rake the Leaves

Fallen leaves are the easiest way to tell that the season is here – it’s in the name, after all! The autumnal leaves do look beautiful when they hit the ground, but removing them sooner rather than later is key if you want to keep your lawn healthy.

Heavy leaf cover on your lawn blocks sunlight and air from getting to the grass beneath. And after enduring the Nashville summer heat, your grass needs to breathe.

Tend to the Trees

Yes, fall is technically the season for all things “spooky.” That doesn’t mean you need to (or should) have broken and dead trees around your yard.

Once fall and winter set in, weak tree limbs struggle to bear the weight of frost and ice. It’s best to take care of these trees early so you don’t end up with damage to your home, car, or landscaping in the future.

Aerate the Soil

Over time, soil becomes compacted and compressed. It creates thatch, a thin layer of dead grass that blocks the soil from getting air, water, sunlight, and other nutrients it needs to survive.

Aeration is a process that loosens the soil by creating holes in the ground. This allows water, oxygen, and other nutrients to easily get beneath the surface and helps build a strong, healthy root system. Plus, it gives your lawn that lush green look and feel.

Fertilize the Soil

Fertilizing in the fall helps your grass recover from the intense summer heat. Since the soil here in Nashville is primarily clay-based, fertilizer is necessary to give the soil its proper nutrients. The fertilizer will help your grass and roots gain strength and stamina to hold through the winter months. Come early spring, your grass will be healthy and ready to thrive again.

Perform a quick soil test before buying any fertilizer so you know exactly what your soil craves.

Water the Yard

Although it’s true that Nashville receives high amounts of precipitation, it’s important to establish a consistent watering routine. Water your lawn thoroughly in the early morning. Watering later in the day can cause unwanted sun damage or disease. A healthy lawn needs at least an inch of water per week. It’s best to deep-soak your lawn rather than constantly watering it, since the soil retains moisture.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with everything this year has had to offer, give us a call! Our Nashville landscaping professionals are happy to talk about your home’s lawn maintenance, provide lawn care services, and prepare a plan for the upcoming months.  

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