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Rustic Country Chic

Green Hills

The clients for this project are from out west and love the ‘Rustic Country Chic’-styled landscape seen in destinations like Blackberry Farms.

The idea for the residential project was to create a lush, comforting oasis at home, taking them out of the hectic responsibilities of daily life.

We mass-planted evergreens and perennials to give an ‘all-season’ foliage and floral environment, mixed with rocky outcroppings and distinct destination points. The owners wanted a meditation/prayer area, a space to read with the grandkids, and an overall interactive landscape that would give them more opportunities to spend outside with their family.

Our landscape designer, Bob, took all their wishes and brought their dreams to life, making their home a standout place of beauty and serenity. Greathouse continues to maintain this landscape.

Project Features

  • Perennials
  • Meditation area
  • Evergreens
  • Creek bed