Winter months are often associated with snow, freezing temperatures, and bundling up. Here in Middle Tennessee, we don’t often see snow, and our temperatures aren’t as low as in some parts of the country. However, that doesn’t mean we’re immune to frost.

While plants are resilient to most weather conditions, frost can easily damage your home’s landscaping and gardens. Here are three easy ways to protect your plants from freezing conditions.

Water the Soil 

Sure, it seems counterintuitive, but stay with us!

Watering the soil during the warmest parts of the day can create insulation since moist soil holds heat better than dry soil. That heat will radiate upward through the night, protecting the roots from any cold snaps.

Mid-day is typically the best time to water in the winter since the sun is at its highest.

Add a Layer of Mulch 

Yet another way to provide insulation to your plants! Use straw, wood chips, hay, or leaves and create a protective layer of mulch that’s 2-3 inches thick. Make sure to leave about an inch or two open around the stem so the heat can still travel up from the roots.

When the weather does warm back up, be sure to remove the extra layer to prevent your plants from becoming overheated.

Bring Plants Inside

Now, this tip isn’t going to work for plant beds around your property. However, any potted or hanging plants you have can be brought inside and put into a garage, sunroom, or living space. Wherever you decide to put them, be sure they’re getting enough sunlight and water.

The weather can be unpredictable here in Nashville. It’s necessary to prep your landscaping for any type of condition so your plants can stay healthy all year long.

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