Whether your yard needs new plants and shrubbery or a complete design overhaul, knowing where to begin on a landscaping project can be overwhelming.

The good news? Upgrading your outdoor living space doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few beginner landscape design ideas that can enhance your curb appeal and transform your space.

1. Make a Wish List

The first step in designing your dream space is letting your imagination run wild. Do you want privacy from the neighbors? A space for your kids to run around and play? Boost your home’s curb appeal? Spend some time in your outdoor space and consider what you would want, then craft a wish list of your ideas.

And be sure to spend time inside and look through the windows. What do you want to see when you look outside? Make a note of your ideas in the same list. Just be sure to dream big—and have fun in the process!

2. Figure Out Your Style

Every home and landscape is unique—as is every homeowner’s personal style! Using plants and design elements of various colors, textures, shapes, and sizes, you can create a mood that matches your personality as well as complements the architectural style of your home.

  • Natural: low-maintenance, untamed yet structured, natural abundance, wildflowers
  • Formal: straight lines, serene, elegant focal points (statues and fountains), well-manicured lawns, symmetry
  • Informal: curves and colors, asymmetry, natural-shaped trees and shrubs, comfortable and relaxing environment

3. Pick the Right Plants

Before you plant anything in the ground, study your landscape. Middle Tennessee homeowners need to be mindful of the sun and the scorching heat that comes with it. Some plants love the morning sun but will not tolerate evening sun, and certain plants that need full sun (herbs, bedding plants, etc.) require five or more hours of sunlight.

Choosing drought-tolerant plants that can conserve water is all the rage. And designing an outdoor space that considers your plant’s needs is essential.

4. Think About Hardscapes

No landscape design is complete without a few man-made elements! Hardscapes can give your lawn a totally unique feel and add value to your home. They can include porches, retaining walls, sidewalks, driveways, outdoor fireplaces, patios, small walkways, and parking areas.

And Nashville homeowners will be happy to know that hardscapes are not affected by the sweltering sun, making them a desirable feature for the summer.

5. Consult a Landscape Design Company

You have great ideas, now you’re figuring out how to make those ideas a reality. That’s where Greathouse comes in!

Through our partnership approach, our design team listens to your ideas and helps you understand the feasibility of your ideas based on the constraints of the space, the costs associated with your plans, and the maintenance and upkeep that the new outdoor living space will require. Being a professional, full-service Nashville landscape company means we’re also experts at knowing which plants thrive in Nashville’s climate. We will help you choose plants to enhance the ambiance of your space.

Ready to get started and create your outdoor living oasis? Click the link below to schedule a free consult with the Greathouse Company. We look forward to hearing from you!