As the summer comes to a close and the cool, crisp fall air begins to make its way into Nashville, now is the perfect time to get outside and do a bit of lawn care maintenance.

Every homeowner’s lawn looks different. However, one thing every Nashville lawn has in common is they need to be watered. To properly care for your lawn, our experts recommend checking your lawn’s irrigation about once a week to keep up with how it’s looking.

In this edition of Ask the Experts, we’re talking about irrigation maintenance, and more specifically, the signs of under and overwatering.


Have you ever gone a full day and realized you never drank any water? Your skin feels dry, your mouth parched. That first sip you take afterwards tastes incredible. Now imagine how your lawn feels after days (or maybe even weeks!) without proper watering. Underwatered lawns are struggling to live.

A few signs your lawn’s not getting enough H20:

  • Discolored leaves and dry edges
  • Brown patches
  • Slowed growth
  • Change in grass blade shape


Every living thing needs water to survive. But is there a limit to how much water your lawns can handle? Absolutely. Overwatering causes significant damage to your lawn—even more than underwatering—and ruins the grass and the soil beneath it.

A few signs your lawn’s getting too much attention:

  • Standing water
  • Yellowing or discoloration
  • More insects
  • Fungus and weed growth

Can My Lawn Be Fixed?

Yes! The best thing you can do is watch your lawn and adjust the water levels. It’s that simple! If you’re overwatering, take it down. If you’re underwatering, take it up. Once you find that sweet spot, your lawn will start to see improvements.

Another way to help overwatered lawns is aerating your lawn. Aeration is a solution that reduces soil compaction and allows water to flow to the roots.

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Maintaining your landscaping is challenging. Even with the amount of rain we get in Nashville each year, watering levels need to be consistent. Not sure how to go about it? Worried you won’t have the time to care for it yourself? That’s okay! Our team of landscaping maintenance experts is here to help. We can answer any questions you might have and discuss our services with you more in-depth.

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