Greathouse is excited to bring even more color and life to Nashville’s Stix sculpture. Completed just a little less than a year ago, in the spring of 2016, Stix is the eclectic art piece in the middle of the roundabout at 8th Avenue and Korean Veterans Blvd. The sculpture is created out of 27 reclaimed telephone poles. Greathouse was happy to be a part of the initial landscaping of the area, and now the updates.

21,000 bulbs are to be planted in and around the sculpture, making the roundabout burst with color. Below you can see the plans for the various bulbs in the Stix sculpture

The colorful florals will include:

Narcissus Grand Primo- A bright yellow daffodil flower. Known for their toughness and being able to survive in harsh southern heat.

Dutch Iris ‘Blue Magic’– Blooms violet and deep blue with a yellow blotch near the center. These multiply rapidly each year, giving a full appearance.

Allium Sphaerocephalon– Has a distinctive purple bulbous head. They are low maintenance and enjoy full sun, making them an excellent choice for the sculpture.

The bulbs will be planted soon and ready to enjoy come spring. We can’t wait to see how beautiful the art piece looks with the new additions.