Nashville and its surrounding suburbs have grown steadily over the past few years, meaning increased commercial and business space. As wonderful as these spaces typically are on the inside, we strive to improve their exterior space as well.

One C1ty

A unique office and business space in Nashville, One C1ty is a maintenance client that has an interesting exterior. Beyond the beautiful green spaces and shrubbery, it boats unique features that we installed.

One of the most unique aspects of One C1ty is the bocce ball court at Pastaria. It allows patrons to interact and entertain themselves before and after a delicious meal.

1201 Demonbrueun

This commercial space was primarily concrete and glass until Greathouse livened it up with a little green. A popular feature for high rise buildings and rooftops is a sedum mat. This gives an urban space the feel of a lawn or backyard, while maintaining the views of the Nashville skyline. Install is quick and simple, but adds so much to the space.

L.A. Jackson

This rooftop bar has become a Nashville hotspot and a favorite for Instagram pictures. Who says  you can’t have trees in the sky?? We were able to give this rooftop bar a park-like feel with the now-iconic tree. It quickly has become the focal point of the space, lit up at night for a romantic feel. We love seeing all the images from patrons of L.A. Jackson!