When it comes to spending time outdoors, homeowners in Middle Tennessee live in a prime location. Sure, Mother Nature might throw the elements our way from time to time, but one of the best parts about living here is enjoying the great outdoors year-round.

When you put time and money into your outdoor space, you’re more likely to enjoy it. Plus, the value of your home will go up if you ever decide to sell. Need a little inspiration? Let’s take a look at a few features you can add to your landscape design that’ll get you the best return on your investment.

Fire Pits 

There’s something about summer nights that immediately makes us think of relaxing by a fire. Fire pits have become a must-have in Nashville hardscapes over the last few years. Each backyard is a unique space, so a fire pit should enhance the design aesthetics of your property and the natural features of your yard.

While there are a few safety measures involved with making a fire pit area, a few ways to add a cozy feel to your space include:

  • Rustic log benches
  • Adirondack chairs
  • Outdoor couches
  • Strings of delicate overhead lights
  • Painted accent tiles
  • A fully stocked drink cart nearby

Garden Designs

Who doesn’t love to be in the outdoors surrounded by gorgeous flowers and shrubbery? When it comes to designing a garden, there are many routes you can go. Flower beds can add pops of color to your front and backyard. Perennials will usually grow larger and spread throughout the seasons.

A drawn-out, cohesive design can take otherwise plain spots in your yard (driveways, fences, and walkways) and turn them into beautiful areas.


This highly-sought-after amenity makes for quite a valuable addition to a home. Patios can be any shape and size, and they can be made from concrete, pavers, or bricks. Even though they don’t provide additional square footage to your home, your living space will feel bigger with the addition of a patio.

If you’ve ever felt like hosting a get-together but don’t want to stress about deep cleaning your home, take it outside to the patio! They provide a wonderful spot for outdoor seating, dining, relaxation, and entertainment.

Exterior Lights

Whether they’re in your front or back yard, exterior lights are extremely functional, and they allow you to use your outdoor spaces any time of day. They can be featured near or around walkways, outdoor seating areas, stairs, or pools. No matter what time the sun goes down, the conversations can keep going.

Did we mention they also make your landscape pop? Exterior lights are aesthetically pleasing, adding dimension, style, and overall value to your home.

Our Nashville residential landscaping professionals know a thing or two about designing outdoor spaces tailored to a homeowner’s wants and needs. Click the link below to schedule a free consult with the Greathouse Company. We’d love to hear from you.