Something you’re sure to see in 2017 is the growing desire to spend time outdoors and with nature. With the rise of rooftop bars and restaurants, greenways and walking trails, and other outdoor venues, there has been a movement to bring that ambiance home. Creating the ideal outdoor space is on a number of to-do lists in 2017, and these are some of the things you’ll see.

The Look


Lawns and gardens are all about nature anyway, but even large, exquisite landscapes are turning back to much more natural roots. Native and local plants are making a comeback in a big way, along with materials like wood and stone for built features. Elements like free-form decks, smaller furniture, and hanging swings bring an authentic and real appeal to any lawn.


There has been a huge push in edible elements in gardening, stemmed from the desire to know where food is coming from. Additionally, promoting water conservation, easy maintenance, and creating an eco-friendly environment are all the rage.


Perhaps the biggest trend going forward this year is to make any outdoor area feel like an extension of the home. More and more people are spending time outside, especially in the Nashville area’s mild climate. Even in urban areas where the lawn may be less than an acre, there is still as much (if not more) emphasis placed on the utility of a beautiful outdoor space.

The Features


Features like awnings, gazebos, etc. make outdoor spaces feel more like rooms. Having some kind of shelter space adds to the livability of lawns and gardens by protecting from the elements and blocking off space.


Another element that increases the use of your lawn is lighting. Lighting allows functional use at night for entertaining or just family time. There are a variety of options when it comes to outdoor lighting, including string lights, solar-powered lighting, and eco-friendly choices. The right illumination can go a long way in making your space feel like a room extension.

Outdoor Cooking

Grilling is an activity whose popularity doesn’t seem to be dwindling in the least. Adding onto the outdoor cooking wish lists are items like pizza ovens, smokers, and, in some cases, full outdoor kitchens. Whether small and intimate or large and luxurious, outdoor cooking spaces are in.

The Plants


Like we said before, edible gardens are a huge trend coming out of 2016 and continuing into 2017. It is becoming increasingly more important to people to know exactly what they’re eating. Growing an herb garden provides a more inexpensive way to incorporate fresh herbs into your everyday meals.


These little guys are popping up everywhere in home décor. Not only are they adorable and bring a fresh element to the home, but they are also the perfect plant for the busy gardener. They have great shape and color and require very little maintenance.

Natural Dye Gardens

This is one trend that is brand new coming on the scene. DIYers are swarming to this movement not only for its aesthetics but its utility as well. Natural plant dyes can be used for textiles, yarn, and clothing. Many of the favorites from a natural dye garden are easy to integrate into an edible garden as well.

Whatever your outdoor dream, The Greathouse Company can make it come to life. We will work with you to create a budget, design, and a maintenance plan, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.