Winter is rapidly approaching Nashville and we want to make sure all your lawns are ready to go for the cold season. Put these items on your list this winter:



A special fertilizer is used when the weather gets colder to winterize lawns. This specific fertilizer is high in potassium and helps grass retain food and moisture throughout the cold months of winter. While blade growth stops during the winter, roots below the surface remain active which means this winterizer is vital; it ensures that the grass roots will have a stored supply of nutrients to turn to.


Mulching will help you prepare your yard for winter by guarding plants against colder temperatures and harsher weather. Spread it around the base of trees and shrubs in your yard. To prevent stems and bark from rotting, pull mulch away from woody stems and tree trunks one to two inches.

Wait until the first hard freeze, and apply the mulch two to four inches deep around your plants. Cover the soil evenly and completely, but do not pack it down.

Remove Your Leaves

This is a point we have to stress every year. Leaves are fun and fall-ish and pretty, however they can do more damage than you know to your lawn. Layers of leaves can trap excess moisture on your lawn and cause mold and damage. Not to mention, they block sunlight and warmth from reaching your grass.

At this point in the season, you should have already aerated and over-seeded. We recommend using a leaf blower instead of a rake. Rakes can damage the seed that has been spread or any tender new growth. Not to mention, a blower takes much less time and manual labor, so it’s a lawncare win-win.


If you have an irrigation system installed (which we highly recommend!), you’ll need to empty the system! Once temperatures reach below freezing, excess water left in the pipes can damage the system and nobody wants to replace their irrigation in the spring.